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Gay Ex Muslims

“We welcome and stand with #Refugees. We have joined forces with Worcestershire Pride, Out2gether and Law & Justice Solicitors with our campaign #EmpoweringRefugees to create a safe space and support LGBT and/or Secular asylum seekers and refugees. We are proud and grateful to our local communities and organisations for their enormous support and love. Together we can achieve peace and live in a community where all #HumanRights are equally lived. We work closely with our support network to ensure #Refugees voices are heard and listened. We will forever defend, where we see violations of #HumanRights through our support network. We believe in #LocalLove, supporting the local communities and homeless.
Our support networks and allies include:
Humanists UK, Amnesty International UK (Amnesty UK LGBTI), Peter Tatchell (Peter Tatchell Foundation), Humanists International, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB), Emerald Life and our support network’s allies.”

Objectives are:
1. Create a safe space for Refugees
2. Signposting Refugees to appropriate organisations
3. Provide legal advice through Law and Justice Solicitors
4. Write letter of support on behalf of Refugees to the Home Office and Tribunals
5. Work closely with local organisations to support Refugees
6. Listening to Refugees stories and comforting them
7. Advising Refugees, how to get support from Mental Health Services, GP, Home Office, Local Council, etc

Contact Details;
Social Media:




Out2gether is a South-Worcestershire based group for the LGBT+ community, their friends and allies. 

Established early in 2017 with the aim to improve the wellbeing of the local LGBT+ community, the group has enjoyed regular non-scene social events including our famous travelling ‘Tea Shop Tour’, theatre trips and art projects. We were delighted to be able to support Worcestershire Pride at their fundraisers and had a fantastic time at our stall meeting lots of lovely people on the day - the highlight of our first year!

We now have a regular Saturday Brunch Social on the last Saturday of the month at Cafe Bliss in Worcester.

In addition to having fun, Out2gether also provides representation on the local NHS Trust Diversity Advisory Group and Police LGBT Hate Crime Forum. 

Out2gether is still a very new group and welcomes new members. We’re also open to suggestions for future activities and venues for our Tea Shop Tour to visit.

To find out more please like and follow our Facebook page:

Or send us an email to join our mailing list:


The Eddystone Trust

The Eddystone Trust is an independent organisation providing information and support for anyone affected by HIV across the South West. Some services also relate to wider sexual health.

The Eddystone trust is facilitating a peer led support group in central Worcester, for people living with HIV.

For more details please contact Jamie on 07587 638810 or email 



New Road Parents

We are a group of parents in South Birmingham and Worcestershire whose children have 'come out' to us as gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender (LGBT). 


New Road Parents' Support Group serves two roles.

Firstly we provide a listening ear for parents and other family members of LGBT people. We are all people in similar circumstances and may have been through similar emotions. We listen and talk together in complete confidence about how we feel, and we learn from one another how to be accepting. Our society still makes things difficult in many ways and we explore common misunderstandings and fears; cultural and religious factors; ignorance and prejudice. Our LGBT sons and daughters need love, support and understanding, as indeed they always have. We offer guidelines and encouragement in forging a new honest relationship with a son or daughter who has come out.

Other parents find they have no difficulty with accepting that their child is LGB or T. For these parents the group provides a forum for discussion on ways to move society forward from its prejudices and make the world a safer place for lesbians, transgender people, bisexuals and gays. Parents in the past have been activists and have taken part in Gay Pride processions in the city, have spoken to church groups (such as the Mothers' Union and Changing Attitude) and written letters to newspapers, magazines and journals. Their stories have been published in the press and magazines and they have lobbied Bishops and MPs. Some have been on radio and TV programmes.

 New Road Parents Support is based in Bromsgrove, North Worcestershire, and is aptly named as parents travel down a new road in life when their children come out. We are a voluntary group and meet in a safe confidential meeting place. 

For more information (01527 832492) or send an email




Free for all young people aged 12-16 years of age.

Youth club will be held every second and fourth Saturday of the month at:



Inspire Community Training

Unit 5

Winyates Craft Centre


B98 0LA

01527 529265



Worcestershire Transgender Family Support Group

Can we support you?Are you the parent of a child or young person who wants to


Are you a young person who is questioning your gender?

Talking helps! Come along to our support group and meet other people in the same situation.


Inspire Community Training

Unit 5

Winyates Craft Centre


B98 0LA

01527 529265


Wyre Forest


Flannel Club (youth group)

KDYT’s Flannel Club is a youth group for young people aged 13-19 who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans, and those who are questioning their sexuality. Friends are welcome too.

For details about time and location, please get in touch using the details below, or speak to Mike or Ben.

All information you provide us will be keep confidential, unless yourself or someone else is at risk.

INSTAGRAM: kdytyouth


FACEBOOK: KDYT | email: | Tel: 01562 228113 |

Registered Charity No. 523160

listings contact

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