Admiring La Stupenda

Tuesday , September 17th 2019

  Direct from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019, the 5 star show about a diva, an opera queen & his mum.

About this Event

“A theatrical tour de force which redefines the possibilities for one-man-shows for all Fringes to come… Somerville owns his stage with sly wit and a physical grace... the best show of this year’s Fringe to date.” ***** The Wee Review

In Admiring La Stupenda Daniel Somerville unearths the bygone LGBT+ identity of the 'opera queen' and through reminiscing about his favourite singer (Joan Sutherland, known as La Stupenda) is also able to delve into personal anecdote and reflect on isolation, sexuality, anxiety and his love for his mum. The work ends with an intense physical embodiment of all the aspects of the work.

“Deeper than camp, deeper than the rules that we use to order our thoughts, and down into the seething, yearning, pools of feeling that most of us fear to drown in.” **** Theatre Bubble

The Sexuality Showcase

Wed, 19 Sep 2018

Friday 20th September 2019 

8pm - 10pm


Worcester Arts Workshop

21 Sansome Street